What we do

We support students and professionals to reach their full potential!

By gathering students and other young workers across the world, we aim at providing them with connections to other cultures, spaces and viewpoints while making for innovative and inspiring policies to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Conceiving new event formats

Making Remote Events Interactive

While online events allow for the catalysis of potentials, they come along with several pitfalls exacerbated by the 2019 pandemic. Aware of that situation, we have been striving to conceive new formats capable of making those moments of interactions more intense and interactive for participants.

Later in the page, you will be able to see all ongoing events (published very soon).

Initially, all our events either followed one of these two formats:

  • Headline Events: with a guest speaker and breakout rooms for attendees to gather and discuss around one topic based on the keynote introduction.
  • Community Events: for students to gather and discuss informally.

As we moved forward, we complemented those types of events by proposing new formats:

Policy Competition

Participants propose a policy proposal to tackle one political / social / economic issue that will be ranked and assessed by policy makers and experts.

Engagement Newsletters

Letters of information frequently published on a particular topic in the domain of policies.

Community Events

Convening all those interested in policy making and policies, those events aim at offering a dedicated time for informal encounters and networking.

Career Events

Interested in working in one specific field of politics & policis (incl. diplomacy)? This format aims at connecting students and other professionals to serving officials in that domain.

Policy Journals

Theme-specific magazines (notably presenting selected policy proposals) are published either by PCN or its partners.


Interactive events composed of an introduction by a guest speaker followed by breakout rooms for participants to discuss in little groups the points raised by the guest.

What we care for

Shane Rounce

New connections, new possibilities

Enabling students to connect not only constitute a fantastic opportunity to exchange on today’s issues and think about possible ways to tackle them but it paves the way for long-term and resisting relationships, meaningful for the to-be working people.

New challenges, more viewpoints

In this period of unprecedented changes, combining our efforts to put forward a reflection surrounding public institutions and public policies can enable the potential for democratic and economic-social consolidation.

Raising awareness, supporting & making our voice heard

By piecing student and other organisations together, connecting students and professionals across the globe, we are setting up a worldwide platform to propose ideas and reflect on today’s policies and politics on the world political scene.


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