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Policy Chats Network is composed of two pools: one for participants (students and professionals) willing to encounter others studying and working in various domains (members of the Community) and the other for members contributing to the association’s operations (Crew Member). It is also a federation of students associations gathered in an ad hoc community.
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Join Policy Chats: its Community and/or Team

We welcome students and professionals from all backgrounds and institutions. We moreover federate associations (student, youth, or of any other kind) that have a dedicated role in the community

With several platforms used to reach the most various communities and adjust to everyone’s preferences, joining the Policy Chats Community project is participating in a unique and stimulating experience to gather and discuss with others on many topics.

Meanwhile, advancing PCN’s operations alongside the existing fast-growing team enables you to acquire tailor-made skills by the diversity of missions while working in a team united by its ambition towards the project and multiple areas of work.

Join Policy Chats’ Community

With a fast-increasing community, Policy Chats offers the opportunity to gather with various students and professionals across all fields and institutions. Submit now your candidature using the aforementioned form.

Autonomy & Empowerment

The network is composed of students and other young professionals willing to gather to discuss policies and politics. We are constantly looking for new members to join the network, participate in its activities and benefit from them.


We believe in each member’s capability to provide lots of knowledge and expertise in the project. We aim at enabling the expression of such capability, notably leadership based on the association’s operational structure.

Autonomy & Constant Assistance

Autonomy is as much important to Policy Chats that especially values individual initiatives and autonomous organisation of teams. Meanwhile, in a friendship and peaceful environment, the internal community made up of all members make possible a constant help and assistance between all and the admin.

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Teaming Up with Us

Gathering and working with various youth and student associations, PCN keeps looking for new partners to conceive and put forward! Have a look at our previous events co-organised with our partners and other student associations and get in touch!

Some Amazing Partners

Policy Chats and its partners work together to conceive and deliver the most thought-provoking and insightful events to participants. Have a look at commonly organised projects

Mondo Internazionale

MUN Society at Essex

United Nations at Sciences Po

EU&U’s logo

Arab Youth Development Network

You may follow the form for getting in touch for partnership purposes or simply for being part of the federation of student organisations (within Policy Chats’ Community).

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