About us

Who we are

Policy Chats is a cross-uni network aimed at allowing for students across all universities to encounter and have vibrant thought-provoking discussions.

Discussing, networking, creating accounts for the network’s motto and guiding principle.

Policy Chats Network was born during the Covid-19 pandemic and out of the observation that despite a widely usage of video-conferencing systems, there was no existing worldwide digital-supported network of young students and professionals to gather and discuss.

Yet, as today’s world is increasingly confronted with the rise of several issues, ranging from inequalities to climate change, from political polarisation to economic and social crises, we could not accept that students collectively remain passive and in their own communities.

We reckon the very importance of the youth’s contribution to current and future public policies – whatever their field of studies, their interests -. The diversity of experiences and backgrounds makes the encounter even more insightful and precious; that’s our mission.

Discussing, networking, create definitely encompass the network’s motto as well as its guiding principle for Chats’ projects, and we have a plan to effectively enable it implement it.

NATO Belgium Headquarter (Flickr NATO)
African Union summit
The headquarter of Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) in Indonesia

Our approach

Our Mission
To facilitate encounters, enable debates and allow for insightful takeaways to be learned from our projects.

We want to raise awareness, to endow our participants and members with tools and ideas so they make up their mind and can contribute to policy-making and policy formulation. We want to depart from static events, webinars of one-time with little follow-up. As such, we are currently exploring new ways to accomplish this mission: by policy competitions notably but also by podcasts, publications of policy analysis along with our partners.

Aspiring to give your mind about how to improve online events? Willing to give a testimony on your experiences (whether academic or professional)? or to have examples of past and ongoing events?

Our Vision
There are shortfalls to online events. We strive to overpass them by offering new event formats and openness.


While the 2019 crisis did expand the number and variety of online events, it also had highlighted the issues to videoconferencing that came along this expansion. Conscious of those issues, the network has innovated, proposing new sorts of events and hearing from its members in line with the co-conception of activities with our participants and members.

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How we work

Our legal structure

Policy Chats Network (PCN) is an incorporated not-for-profit, apolitical and non-denominational law-1901 association registered in France.

The association’s operations are legally supervised by a president, vice-President, secretary and treasurer while most of legal and administrative duties lies in a collegial board (Administration Board) comprising the founding members and members elected by the General Assembly representing all the association’s members.

Everyone can work up the association’s ladder: managers are appointed within all members of the team in question and the most important & numerous positions in the legal structure are filled by all members’ votes.

Project-focused organisation

Besides the legal organisation, Policy Chats has put forward an organisation making it possible for members (new or core) to be autonomous, take ownership of the events and finally take leadership of their team so that everyone can finally have an opportunity to gain some leadership skills.

Event-focused teams are constituted for each event or project and are led by an Event manager willing to oversee its advancement of that project. He or she will collaborate with talent task-specific team (such as the outreaching, design and marketing, social media teams) whose operations are as well led by a manager. An analogous structure exists for our partners with ad hoc teams for each partnership and an partnerships-specific outreaching team.

Finally, aside from our talent teams, we have some more technical departments dedicated for human resources, event organisation (to oversee all events) matters.


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